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Do note that the contents of the database are protected by international copyright-law in the same way that printed intellectual-property is protected.

Given this, and should you include information gained from this database in your work, you should cite this bibliography as the source, as you would any other source.

A typical citation (in English and Turkish respectively) might look like the following:

Karateke, Hakan. "Osmanlı nesrinin Cumhuriyet devrinde algılanışı." Eski Türk edebiyatı çalışmaları-5: Nesrin inşâsı: düzyazıda dil, üslûp ve türler. Prepared by Hatice Aynur [et al] İstanbul: Turkuaz, 2010: 44-55. (accessed 15th August 2010)

Karateke, Hakan. "Osmanlı nesrinin Cumhuriyet devrinde algılanışı." Eski Türk edebiyatı çalışmaları-5: Nesrin inşâsı: düzyazıda dil, üslûp ve türler. Hazl. Hatice Aynur [ve öte.] İstanbul: Turkuaz, 2010: 44-55. (erişim 15 Ağustos 2010)


The Online Bibliography of Ottoman-Turkish Literature. (accessed 15th August 2010)

Osmanlı Edebiyatı Çalışmaları Bibliyografyası Veritabanı. (erişim 15 Ağustos 2010)

Please note that the title you specify in such citations should be exactly as the database holds the relevant record, irrespective of which URL you quote. That is to say: you must not cite the title in Turkish when referring to a record that is listed under an English title in the database, nor cite the title in English if the record's title is in Turkish.

Please see also the Site Versions section for information pertaining to the version numbers that we use to log changes to the database system, and changes to the documentation that is available on this site. Please note that you should cite the Documentation Version-Number when quoting the documentation on this site (rather than when quoting the contents of the bibliography). This too can be found in the Site Versions section of these pages.


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